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Breed Profile

Among the draft horses, the Percheron is one of the most popular breeds, especially in the United States. Known for a reliable and docile personality, the Percheron is often sought after as a companion horse. The breed is also becoming a top choice for those interested in dressage and trail riding.

  • Head - broad, square elegant forehead, straight profile, large mobile ears, long arched neck.
  • Withers - more prominent than other heavy breeds with a considerable slope in the shoulders.
  • Shoulders - length of shoulders from point to withers is unusual in heavy horses, resulting in a long active stride.
  • Body - broad/deep chest.
  • Colors - dappled gray, black, bay, chestnut and roan are all accepted.
  • Hooves - hard, blue horn with little feathering.
  • Legs - Traditionally short and powerful, currently being bred for additional height.
  • Height - Average 16.2hh (64in) to 18hh (72in). The Worlds largest horse was the U.S.Percheron "Dr.LeGear", who stood at 21hh (84in)


Mindy was raised on the LeSanSha farm and has had many beautiful foals for us. Mindy has won trophies and ribbons all over the state of Michigan, and has been titled "Grand Champion" multiple times.
Mindy has been trained for both riding and driving.
Name: LeSanSha's Mindy
D.O.B.: 1997
Breed: Registered Percheron (PHAOA #280593)
Height: 17.3hh