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Services Offered

Horse Drawn Carriage Services Established in 1995, Lesansha Percherons Carriage Company can make events magical in ways only horse driven carriages can. Make her wedding day more special than she ever imagined by sweeping her away in a romantic horse drawn carriage. Weddings can be absolutely unforgettable with a carriage from LeSanSha Percheron and Carriage Company. LeSanSha Percherons serve all of Michigan.

Carriage Services

Brides the world over fantasize of their wedding day and dreams that can come true, with a real life fairytale horse and carriage to make your special day more memorable.

  • Arrive at the prom in classic elegance and more horse power than any sports car can match
  • Harvest parties made fun for everyone with wagon rides or our large "people movers"
  • Catch everyones eye in a parade with a team of horses advertising your business, benefit, team or organization
  • Pub crawls are always safe and unforgettable with our horse drawn chauffers
  • Celebrate your winter wonderland with a classic horse drawn sleigh, great for groups, private parties, or even helping Santa arrive in style.
  • Take a romantic ride in our sleigh, room for two with a private view of our 60 acre horse ranch, or choose our bobsled for up to eighteen passengers
  • Family fun for a company picnic, reunion or benefit


Stallions typically have a thicker, crest shaped neck, a more muscular physique and an aggressive temperament in comparison to mares or geldings. Stallions tend to be desired and often used in races, dressage, show jumping and tent pegging. Stallions are very popular for pleasure, work and competition and for all levels of riding. In the United States, the majority of the stallions are gelded shortly after birth unless they are going to be used for breeding.
(Homozygous: pure bred, DNA guaranteed for color/trait)


we live cover or if they want we can stand the mare and bring him to her, if the mare isn't good to put in with him. Stormy is very good with the mares not mean at all. He has been throwing alot of size, and great disposition in his colts. There must be a current coggins on the horse to bring it into our barn.


Horse training refers to a variety of practices that teach horses to perform certain behaviors when asked to do so by their trainer/owner. Horses are trained to be manageable for everyday care as well as for equestrian activities from horse racing to therapeutic horseback riding or for people with disabilities.
Historically, horses were trained for warfare, farm work, sport and transport. Today, most horse training is geared toward making horses useful for a variety of recreational and sporting equestrian pursuits. Horses are also trained for specialized jobs from movie stunt work to police and crowd control activities, circus entertainment, and equine-assisted psychotherapy.